"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Angel Message about Health...

“Everything has a deeper meaning! Everything! If you miss your turnoff, if you forget an appointment, if you win the lottery, or change your mind, there is a deeper meaning beneath it all. Do not doubt this, for we see the big picture.”
The Angels

Lately we have been getting many calls from people telling us that they were feeling bad physically and they wanted the spiritual reason why. We were sometimes .feeling a little puny ourselves, so we asked our angels why this was happening. We loved their response because it reminded us that, truly, behind everything there really IS a greater meaning.

Dear Angels/God/Mother Mary, are you there?
Yes, but it is Benedict who has awakened you. We want to enlighten you as to why you and many others are feeling less than healthy. It is because earth is in a transition that has been like no other since the beginning of time.

Think of the years between 1988 and 1991 in particular. That was a time of great pain for many people and more than that it was a time of great growth and new awareness. This phase is similar but it is also different. It is change, yes, but it is not the same. Let the awareness emerge as an inner growth building on the old awarenesses. Ride it out, as your mother used to say. Ride it out.

Your physical discomforts are only a symptom of the changes occurring. The healers you have talked to who have said that this is part of your “heart” opening up. That this is a “heart” issue. So you are both going through the opening of the “heart.” What is the heart? Think about it? What really is the “heart” of the matter here and what does the “heart” do?

Think of the “heart” chakra. Think of how it affects your body. Is there a “brain” chakra? No, no, no. All around this important part of your body, but not “in.” Your “heart” chakra is the core of your body. Your solar connects you with God. The third eye connects you with your own spiritual truth, your throat connects you with your mission in life, and your crown connects you with the universe and all who are in it with the wisdom of the ages. Different energies for different duties and parts of you. But the heart connects you with God personally.

It is no wonder that you are in the process of change like no other. If the truth of the God connection is changing in every way for your beingness--as well as others’ —you will feel uncomfortable until you move out of the turmoil and the new connection is established.

Know that the reason you are feeling poorly is a spiritual one, not a physical one. It is the opening of your “heart” onto new planes of understanding and connection that you have NEVER NEVER NEVER experienced in any lifetime on any plane before. Be true to yourself and your path, no matter what it is or what it seems to be.

No matter what you THINK is occurring, you are wrong. You are in a much, much better place than you have been in any lifetime. You have no idea how true this is. You are “thinking” (that old brain-word again) and that will not help the situation at all.

Pretend you are a sailor in a lifeboat. The Boat is strong. You KNOW you are going to be rescued, and you are in fairly calm water. But you do not know WHEN you will be rescued, or if it will happen BEFORE the water and food run out. What can you do then? How can you last? You eventually have to come to the place where you just wait and ride it out as long as it takes.

Be patient, Children. Yes, once again that admonition. Do not fear, because it will end and you will be safe. You cannot possibly see the enormity of these changes and you will be part of the re-growth that will reshape the world. In the meantime, just wait.

Many souls feel the same as you. Pass this on, so they will understand.
In faith,

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