"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Interview with an Angel One and Two

Dear Angel, please tell me what I can do to help the world today?

The Angels Speake:
This is a good question, child. For your earth is in a great deal of pain. And so are your inhabitants. This will sound simple to some of you, but in fact it is the best thing you can do and the quickest way to settle the distress on your planet. Love. Love. Love. Love will take you to peace and then peace will take you to joy. This is the reason you are on earth at this time, for if you are reading this reply, you are one of the ones who has been entrusted to love and by doing so, heal the earth.

How can you love enough for such a big task? Start by loving yourself. Treat yourself as though you are the most important person on earth. Bring out the beautiful dishes, use the good things you have been hiding away, and take care of yourself in the ways you enjoy. Stop saving the good for later. Use them now, for you are worth it today. This is the way to love yourself…just by treating yourself well, and then passing that same treatment to others in your life.

Stuck in traffic? Smile at the driver in the car next to you. Your children are unhappy? Hug them. Your spouse is fearful? Say that you love him or her and that everything is going to be okay. Comfort heals. Do you not know your neighbors? Take a minute and say hello when you see them in the yard. Are you tired and rushed? Put your feet up and enjoy a cup of whatever pleases you, and breathe, breathe, breathe.

This is the way you can help heal your earth. Just by making these small efforts, the energy which surrounds you will shift. And by your loving gestures, so will the energy of others. There is no darkness so dark that a smile will not brighten it. And you are the one with the smile to give. Pass it on.

We are with you…
Your Angels of Peace

Make It Happen, Or Let It Happen?

How can we decide what is our business and what is God’s business? When it is right to Let Go and Let God? When do we need to get busy? After all, doesn’t God help those who help themselves? We asked our angels for their input.

Dear Ones,
It is a good question you ask us today. There is much confusion about this very thing because you do not understand how we work.

All of you are part of a great universe that is intertwined as if each soul were in a huge orchestra all playing different music at the same time. It sounds as if it would be discordant, does it not? What kind of a conductor would it take for such a thing to happen with any sense at all? It would take an all-knowing, all-seeing, all-being, mathematical entity to keep it going, would it not? It would take a God to keep it all straight.

You, in planning your lifetime, have ASKED for certain situations so that you could learn specified lessons which will help you become more chordant with the universe, not less. Do not fear these lessons, because you chose them. After your birth, we remember these lessons and that you keep on track with them is our work.

You, as you live your life, will have many distractions. You must BELIEVE we are keeping you on purpose. You must LET IT HAPPEN and trust that we will not lead you astray in any way. Your human inclination will be to wander from the point of the lesson, but we will watch for distractions and interruptions that will fool you into thinking you are “right” when you are not. Lastly, you will THANK us for doing our work. The energy of gratitude increases the energy and keeps your efforts in order.

You may call this order Divine Right Action. That is the harmony of keeping the all of the universe together and in alignment with your individual requirements of lesson, situation, work, and being. Of course you cannot figure this out. You are only one instrument and see only from your own point of view.

So what is your part of the whole? When do you Let Go and Let God? When do you Let it Happen? Always. Always. Always.

Return to the idea of being in an orchestra. Does a conductor allow each individual to play at his own pace, timing, and melody? No. He is the one who keeps it all together in the mathematical arrangement called “music.” He alone understands the complete idea of what is happening. The drummer drums. The violinist plays his strings. The flautist, plays his flute. Each has his own task and the conductor keeps everything and everyone in Right Order.
You have things to do, yes. What are they? You are to live your day and Ask for what is appropriate to come to you (in this case, the proper music). You only need to Believe that you will be helped to respond in the best manner that is needed (to play your best). You will Let it Happen and be available to help yourself and others to do God’s work on earth (doing your part to keep the “orchestra” in harmony.) Then, you will be Thankful that you have been in Divine Right Order to help yourself and others become stronger doing the work of God on earth this day (and you can take your bow in thanks for being part of the whole).

Such is the way of Letting it Happen so you may live in Divine Right Order.

Your Angels...

Faith Builder: Play your “instrument” in harmony today. Be part of God’s orchestra.  

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