"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Angels are Fun

The Column (written by the angels themselves.)
By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Angels are much more fun than you might think. We tend to expect angels to be solemn and other-worldly, but we have found that that is not necessarily so. There are many different types of angels who come to us and their individuality really shows up in the messages they give us!

We have a friend whose angels speak to her in poetry, which is very nice, but it is really not very good poetry. The message is good—the poetry bad. It is part of the experience for her to enjoy the “putrid poetry.” (The angel’s words, not ours.) We know of another woman who has an angel that tells her jokes. They lean to the “pun” side of humor, and are really groaners. Other people have angels that create good poetry and great jokes.

A songwriter came to a class and his very first message was in song lyrics. He told us that he had been using inspiration for his songwriting for years. Now he knew it was an angel named Hans that was helping him. Another person we know laughingly says before cooking that she is going to “channel” a meal. Her “cooking” angel is great at helping her create new recipes.

The Angels Speake
“There are whole legions of angels called “joy guides” who are with you to make sure that you can see the good things going on around you. When you are driving down the street and notice a beautiful sunset or a sweet child playing happily, or hear your favorite song on the radio, a joy guide has touched you. These moments are meant to help you balance the parts of your life that are worrisome or serious.

“We urge you to lighten up and appreciate all the things we can do to help you. Humor and joy and creativity are important to your senses of well-being. Without humor, you would have nothing but hurt and would never know the release of laughter. Pain has to have an opposite.

“Spirit personalities have many facets. We are power, strength, patience, kindness, intelligence, joy, and always…love. We come to you to support any parts of your life that may need specific help. If you are a student, for instance, you have at least one of us with you for each subject to help you learn it. If you are parent, you have angels specifically adept at raising children. Name your talent and you will find an angel supporting it. Artists would find many angels to inspire them. Angels of beauty, form, and color are always with those who create art.

“Angels show up as they are needed to help you maintain balance in your life. Therefore, the angels themselves are balanced so their work can be more equalized and effective. So if you are sad and grieving, you will also have corresponding happiness angels to remind you that even sadness will have moments of relief so you can continue your learning process.

“If you could go into a pediatrics ward or a cancer wing in a hospital, you would find many sick people, but you would also hear music and laughter. Joy guides are sent wherever there is illness. The sicker people are, often the more they find things to laugh about. A joy guide accompanies each medical angel. Policemen and firemen, as they save lives and walk into danger may have protection angels, bravery angels, competence angels, safety angels, wisdom angels, intuition angels, and always joy angels.

“Joy is one of the most powerful feelings in the universe. It is one of the most important ways to connect with God. He has created many of his special messengers of joy, because they elevate the soul, chase away pain, and restore health. They are like flowers in God’s garden.”

Faith Builder: Ask to be aware of your angels and guides. See how much better you feel because you did.
“Every time you drop ego, you find joy.”
Lester Levenson, Founder of the Sedona Method of Releasing

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