"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Angel Teaching for 2003

Angels, do you have a New Year’s Day message for our E-Letter people???

Yes, child, we do. We have a history lesson for New Year’s Day.

There was a time on earth when one day rolled into another, Man, in the beginning lived in a temperate climate and it was not always easy to discern one season from another. The thought was that it was what it was and that there was a great “mind” somewhere that kept everything in order.

As man began to evolve, we began to teach him evolutionary concepts that were helpful. We taught him about fire and thus how to cook meat. We taught him how to collect grains and to prepare them for food. We taught him how to make cloth and to take clay and form it into pots for cooking and carrying water. We showed him where metals could be found easily and then also taught him how to make them into weapons for killing the animals that gave the meat. We taught him to fish, to plant, and to store food for the future. Later we taught him to erect dwellings that were more comfortable than the caves he had lived in for many eons. We, man’s angels and guides, kept careful watch over these early men so they could survive the many difficulties of life.

And thus it stayed for a long, long time. Then we began to teach other useful things. All the history books say one thing and another, but all are wrong. It was us inspiring and teaching that helped mankind evolve into what it is today. Do you think that astronomy was figured out by a few smart people? The ancients knew about such a thing long before reading and writing. In your time no one has yet figured out the secrets of how pyramids were built. Indeed, huge rocks being rolled over the sand hundreds of miles? It does not make sense.

In some ways there was more wisdom in the olden days than there is now. In times past, people accepted what was happening when it was happening. They did not need to figure it out. Today you want to figure everything out! You think too much, today. You want to figure everything out to the point that your brain is full of unimportant detail and your hearts have been left empty.
Yes, people evolved their minds and thoughts until today, and we are saying, Let Go of your impatience to figure everything out. Let Go of your unending work. Let Go of your rush to the future. Let Go of everything except the truth of your self so that we may teach you how to love yourself and to understand how lovable you really are.

In this New Year, give yourself an hour a day for listening. That is all. One Hour a Day to listen. Just listen. Listen to the wind, the birds, the water. Listen to your own heart beat, the breath you let in and out, and even to the blood surging through your veins. Listen to God through your inner knowing. Listen to what he is saying to you. Listen to us giving you hope, and healing, and peace. Listen to what you can’t hear. Listen to your mind trying to confuse you.

You, in all the years of earth’s evolution have never been so smart, so healthy, and so confused. Allow yourself to be effortlessness and to listen to the fundamental nature of your life. You are still being taught by God and His angels so that you may go forward into more understanding. To love yourself. To calm yourself. To be yourself. Nothing has changed since the beginning of the beginning.


Faith Builder: Listen, and let God and your angels teach you something new.

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