"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Holiday Thoughts

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. It is so manageable! And it is all F’s. Food, Family, Fun, Friends, (and Football). There are no presents, extraneous decorations, or bills to follow in January. This year was especially wonderful. Barbara was with her daughter’s family in Alaska, and our other sister, Jackie, went to Trudy’s in Connecticut. We were, indeed, thankful.

But now, the Christmas decorations are up in the stores, the malls are playing carols, and the “spending season” is at hand. AAAARGH. The three major religions have celebrations at this time of year: Christmas for the Christians. Chanukah for Jews. And Ramadan for the Muslims (a month-long time of prayer and fasting which began in November this year). We asked our angels about the holidays in this time of fear and war. It amazes us that these great religions all teach peace and are in the process of killing each other. The angels, thankfully, had a good teaching for us.

Dear Ones,
There are several things to remember when life is difficult in any way.
1. We are with you.
2. We are guiding you.
3. We are keeping you safe.
Whenever you feel upset in any way about any thing, STOP! Take a deep breath and ask for our love to wash over you like a soothing shower. Then say, “Angels, fill me with peace.” Then breathe again. We will come within you with our love and you will immediately feel better. This is true.

Our best spiritual advice, however, is to enjoy the holidays moderately. Be moderate in the preparations you do. Do you really need to do that much shopping? Cooking? Baking? Do you really need to spend that much money? Is it necessary to send cards to all those people? Ask yourself this question before you begin another task, Is this really that important? Is this really necessary?

These are the times when your true spiritual nature will surface. What do you do most during this month of holiness? Work or pray? Spend or nurture? Rush or rest? Take, give, or balance? Things, money, alcohol, food, work, and so on all take away the spirit of this time. . It is all right, of course to have fun, to buy gifts for those you love, to cook delicious food for your family, but the word to remember is MODERATION

Faith Builder: Ask your angels to be a partner in all you do this month. Then watch your attitude shift.

IDEA: Give something to someone anonymously this year. Your anonymous gift will be the most important and holy one you will ever give.

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