"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


A Message from the Angels September 15, 2003

Dear Angels, what would you tell us. We are feeling your presences strongly.

Dear Ones,
We are not your angels, but we are the ones who carried the souls to heaven that day…or any day. We have not spoken to you because we normally do not do so. Our work is specific and focused and we do it peacefully, joyfully and prudently. It has been noticed by many that at the moment of death that the dying one reaches up with their hands, or has a look in their eyes of wonderment or joy. It is us that they see and reach for and recognize. At last, they think, at last I am free.

Fr. Mychal explained so beautifully what happens at the moment of transcension or transcendence. You call it the moment of transition, and that is perfect, too. But there is such a feeling in the soul of raising up and becoming light, that it is as a great whoosh of energy from one dimension to the other. The soul is lifted up very quickly and there is a thrill-full feeling which overcomes the earth-bound consciousness. With the last breath, there is a leaving behind of all care, worry, fear, and there is an immediate shift into God’s divine love and presence. We are the ones who do that lifting to make sure the soul completes the journey successfully.

Now, you are thinking, what about the ones who get “lost” and cannot find their way. These dear souls, are still surrounded by us and as soon as they give themselves permission to go, or to look for us, they are immediately taken up. It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally a soul who has left its body stays awhile to finish business or to settle down or to get accustomed to its new surroundings. The soul may also be bound to earth by grief and the desire of loved ones not to let go. This is why it is important to pray for the departed, that their energy may be settled and they may be taken to God completely and lovingly.

All of those in 9-11 were taken up in total. Everyone! All those who died that day for whatever reason were part of the ascension and were immediately taken to God. It was almost like a wedding where the soul was the bride sacrifice and the groom was God. We wish we could show you how it looked from our side but your human understanding would not be able to adjust to the vision of it all. Just know that it was quite a spectacular formation of energies from above and below and that there has never been anything like it before or since. The closest we could say would be Pentecost when heaven and earth combined to create the miracle of acceptance and all men were one.

In the two years since September 11, 2001 by your time, there have been many “little deaths” that were related to that day. All over the world people shifted into a new consciousness of themselves. In their dreams and in their hearts, they became aware of a greater life purpose than they had ever known. They began to say No to what no longer suited them and Yes to what was in their hearts. An understanding of what was right for them--and what was not—awakened new perceptions as to their life purpose. Mediocrity no longer suited them and they began to walk into their greatness and true purpose.

It has never ceased being so. What began that day, will never cease. For once a new way of thinking has been set in motion, it must continue forever. You have seen it in your own work and you have seen it in others. The stories of what has happened since that day are much more profound than those that happened then.

Do not look at the political repercussions. What was set in motion, will have many shocking sequences of events also, but all are part of the whole. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient. For everyone who heard about that day is part of the whole. Love those who died. Love those who remained. Love those who believe in the glory, and love those who do not. Love those who delivered the dying to their deaths. Know that any who were connected were part of God’s great plan and no matter how it appeared, there is a greatness and a purpose to it all. Love all from our point of view.

We came to you today because you are ready to know these things. You may pass on this information as you see fit. Your work is shifting and the books you write are moving into a higher dimension of understanding. Ask us anything you need to know. We will help you understand even more.

All is well…
The Ascendant Angels

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