"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Why all the fighting?

We Asked Our Angels…
Three great religions all began with the great Prophet Abraham. The Muslims, the Jews, and the Christians seem to have been fighting for centuries. Now they are all fighting again in the place where it all began. Why?

Dear Children of all Faiths
All great books of prophetic wisdom tell the tale that there will be a war that will end all wars. The prophets state that when the end times come, the earth will be engulfed in conflict and afterward there will be peace of a deepness that has never been felt before. There have been many wars in the past centuries which have been thought to have been the “last” war, and yet there was another and another and another—each worse than the last. It seems to never end.

The lesson of this time is two fold. “To love your neighbor as yourself, and to love yourself as your neighbor.” That is all. Nowhere has it ever said to love yourself and your beliefs and your country and your ideas, and your thoughts more than your neighbor’s. When you say to “love your neighbor as yourself,” it means “I love my neighbor with my whole heart, my whole mind, and my whole soul for that is the way I can love myself the way the angels love me.” When you say to “love yourself as your neighbor,” it means to love yourself so well and so strongly, that you will tolerate nothing less than that kind of love for everyone. This is not ego. This is humility. This is saying that “I am good and the better I become, the more I can give to others.” Many try to believe this, but they have an underlying pride in it that says, “My way is good and loving, and it is the best way.”

UNCONDITIONAL love means “I love you just the way you are.” This implies that you are compatible. When a country fights another country or a faith tries to overpower another’s faith, you are saying “Your way is wrong and I will love you when you become more like me in thought, word and deed.” The love is conditional. It is probably true that unconditional love is a rare entity on earth. The fact that your planet is of duality/polarity would mean that the minute you would love another unconditionally it would begin to shift into another feeling since for every action there will be an opposite. The best example of unconditional love on earth would probably be between master and pet/animal. Not because of the way humans think, but because of the way animals think. They cannot hate. They can be taught to act like they do, but they cannot truly hate.

Let us talk again about PURE love. What is such a thing? Pure love is that you love. That is all. Your truth is “I love.” Not I love YOU, or I love HIM or HER, but just plain, “I LOVE” When you LOVE, you don’t judge, criticize, complain, condemn, or lie. There will be an aura of peace about you and you will be attractive to others because they will want what you have. When they are with you they will want your to share your wisdom. They will want to know you better. They will admire you. They will exclaim your virtues far and wide But, because you are all humans and really don’t understand such a love, there will come a time when you will be pulled down by the very people who revered you. It is the way of the world. Many of your greatest souls have proved this. Think of Joan of Arc, Gandhi, the Kennedys, Martin Luther King. Even countries. Think of Tibet, India, Pakistan, the entire Middle East of today. It is not possible to love PURELY when you have never been able to love anyone unconditionally.

It is not because the great religions do not love that they have wars. There are many loving people in all religions. It is because they love narrowly. They love MINE ONLY. The attitude is MINE IS BETTER!. My country, my beliefs, my faith, my understanding, my way. And what is mine? Mine is what I think. Mine is what I love and want to keep for myself. Yes, it goes full circle does it not?

There will be a time when there will be no division. It has already begun. Walls have come down, countries are creating new systems of government which may or may not prove better, and there is now a common method of exchange in Europe. Change has brought together many who were apart. It will continue. Children who are being born today are like none other before? Why? Because they will understand love as it has never been understood before. Their focus will shift from MINE to OURS, and then the world will begin to shift into a new energy that will not support ego, selfishness, wars, or lines of division.

When? It has begun. This current conflict is a part of the falling down so that a new pattern may begin. When things are truly immovable, there can be no growth. For growth to begin, there must be change. War, as horrible as it is, is fodder for change and many great people will come from the debris in order to shift the way of thinking from lovelessness and lawlessness to peace, commonality, and love. PURE LOVE will then be possible.

Your Angels

^O^ FAITH BUILDER: Treat yourself with love this day. Peace begins with you.  

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