"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


This was from a reading we received in March of 2004, and we thought it would be a good list of philosophies to practice for 2005. It also reminds us of how close the angels are to us and how much help they joyfully give us if we but ask.

Dear Angels,
We think you need to talk to us today/tonight. We have the feeling you have something to teach us.

The Angels Speak…
Yes, Children, we want to tell you how precious you are. You have many facets which you have no idea how to use or access. That is why we are now coming to you so you can become one with your HIGHEST SELF with little or no struggle.

Becoming ONE with your Highest Self

1. TRUST that we are working WITH you and guiding you at all times for a good greater than you can understand.

2. BELIEVE that we are real, true, and constant. By feeling us with you and seeing us gather around you, you will become more accustomed to us and will not doubt our abilities to work with you.

3. DISCUSS all of your problems with us. You may do this through visualization or by thinking about your questions. We are here to help you. We are an endless source of truth that you may access to find solutions from your past lives that you have already learned, and/or problem solvers who will remind you of what you already know.

4. FORGIVE yourself for your doubting. Expect this to happen, but do not let it go on too long. UNDOUBT yourself as soon as you begin to feel the energy come upon you.

5. STOP trying to figure things out. You cannot imagine how this small concession will help you advance more quickly. The minute you begin to think, think, think, the energy grids surrounding your problem/idea immediately become clouded and unbalanced. Breathe instead of thinking.

6. REST more than you work. You think you are doing that already, but you are not. Just rest. Being in a human body is exhausting business. Most of your work is done on a subconscious level anyway. You have no idea what you do.

7. FEEL your harmony and match it to ours. You do not have to go against your own harmony in order to succeed. The worst word in your language is “lazy” for when you are not busy, you do not think you succeed. Again you are thinking like a human. When you are in harmony, it is remarkably simple to accomplish anything at all.

8. PLAN for only one day at a time. This is enough. You think you have to make plans, appointments, and schedules. You do not. We will provide you what you need to succeed. You were not born to fail. You are guaranteed success in all you do for your work is from God. As the angels work for God, so do you.

9. PRAY for us, for others, for God’s will to be done, and for the power and understanding to do His work. But most of all, pray for yourself. Thy will be done. Show me the way. Walk beside me. Align my heart with thine. All such prayers will help you harmonize yourself with us.

10. BE WILLING to do what shows up. Willingness is the Velcro that glues heaven and earth into one. Will, willingness, willfulness. The same root word, but a world of difference in perspective. Just be willing to go to work when you are needed, where you are needed, and with whom you are needed. Carry God’s message to all who need it.

There is much going on in the world and we have much to teach you. All is well. God is taking care of all things, nothing is what it seems.

With Love,
Your Angels
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