"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Message from the Angels of Rest

The Angels Speake: One of our most interesting readings was about the nature of dreaming. Little did we know so much was going on when we thought we were sleeping.

The Angels Speak
Hello, Children. Be still and know that you are doing God’s work and it will be done according to His plan. Truth is truth, and you are also in a learning mode when you teach truth. More sleep would help you. We do much of our work with you while you are sleeping. Here is how your sleep periods work.

1. Falling into rest and relaxation.
2. Loss of consciousness, light level.
3. Heavy level, slowing of brain and body.
4. Teaching begins by us. An opening of soul memory begins.
5. We come into you or take you out to us, either way depending on lessons and timing.
6. Heavy lessons, healing, balancing, dreaming. Your health is adjusted and your universal memory combines with your higher self to plan for the next day and to settle issues remaining from past days.
7. Sleeping continues as you leave the lesson state and rise to rest again.
8. Fun dreaming (ones you may remember) comes to imprint the lessons into more of an active memory placement.
9. Wakefulness combined with rest.
10. Awakeness. Sleep is over.

In a nap, you will find you will stay in the “rest” periods only. Some dreaming but mostly napping is for body rest alone. Naps and short rest periods bring you into night times with a great degree of participation into the lessons and teaching phases of night sleep. Humans think that sleep is for rest only. We are amused; for this is the time we can work with the human in order to keep you on track. The little messages and reminders we give you during the daytime would never be enough to help you remember your life work. You ignore these messages too easily! We do our major work during night rest.

You ask, “Which is more important for lessons; awake periods or sleep periods?” Both are equally important, but sleep is a time when your soul learns and remembers. Daytimes are for learning life lessons. If you did not sleep or dream, you would die. You cannot live without sleep because you cannot live without dreaming. If you would try to stay awake for many days, you could not, for sleep is essential to life. That is why it is such a compulsion when you are tired. Dreaming is so necessary that if you did not sleep, you would hallucinate. Your brain must rest to stay lucid.

Water. Food. Sleep. These are life’s necessities. Everything else is choice.

Your Angels of Rest

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