"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Bless Them!

All religions follow the words of God and the messages of the prophets who gave them to their followers. Not one religion espouses hate. Only the fragmented soul who lives in terror causes such result. You can stop their actions and the ensuing pain by setting a proper intention and then believing with all your hearts that in your way you can shift the way the world thinks and behaves.

You say, but I am only one person. That is the beauty of the goal that all create the one mind and the one mind, then, must respond. Will pain and war go away? No, for that is the nature of your planet. But know this. If one deceitful being is stilled, the nature of your planet will change. There will be an elevation of thought and mankind will be at peace.

Bombard the dissenters with prayer. Inundate them with love. Think to bless them and they shall be blessed by God himself. Even the hateful ones have angels and it takes but a small prayer to set up the energy to ask the angels to help the one who needs it most.

Pray, pray, pray! Ask us to soften the hearts of the heartless. Your world will change and you will be part of it. It is a beautiful way to create peace.

Your Angels...

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