"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Spiritual Signals

Spiritual communication is constantly coming to us but we need to learn to listen and become aware of how our angels are speaking to us. I spent years trying to receive their guidance and direction through my brain before they said to me, “Trudy, learn to listen to us in your knowing from the neck down, not just from the neck up.”

I discovered that angel messages were coming to me through feelings in my stomach or solar plexus. Some people have told me that they connect with their angels through feelings in their heart or neck area. It doesn’t matter where the knowing is felt in your body, as long as you recognize that it is coming from your spiritual group.

Frankly, I loved learning that my angels frequently communicated in a non-verbal way. I discovered that my stomach jumps or I sense a knot in my solar plexus when I read a passage that does not feel right to me or I hear something that seems untrue. When I hear something that feels right, my stomach feels calm and balanced. I know I received a Spiritual Signal that the message was true, and just what I needed to hear.

Recently I asked the angels for a validation that I was receiving correctly in my solar plexus/stomach area. They gave me an image or picture of me standing in the center of a circle of angels surrounding me with a beautiful white light shining down from the life force. I also saw the circle of angels connected at their hearts and solar plexus with a white light streaming from them into my solar plexus as well. At that moment I knew they were passing on their love to me in the very spot where I felt the energy saying, “yes”, I am receiving their messages accuracy.

Learn to recognize the Spiritual Signals from your divine group that will help you make the best choices along your spiritual path. You are your angel’s work; all you need to do is to learn to ask!

Angel blessings to you,

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