"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

911 Vision

About two weeks after 9/11/01, I had a dream that I was on one of the planes that crashed into the towers. I didn't think it was anything but me trying to deal w/the tragedy, but the feeling of what went on during that flight stayed w/me. Last year, one of the news magazines that was interviewing the families about the loved ones they lost that day. They were talking about how special their loved ones were and then they began to show pictures. I don't remember the flight attendant's name, but I immediately knew it was one of the flight attendants I had been talking to before the plane went into the tower. And the information you sent today, from Fr. Mike, was the last piece to convince me that I had experienced something different from just a dream. One of the things that the flight attendant told me: when the time was right to let people know what happened. Although, it looks like Fr. Mike beat me to it. Anyway, here is the dream

I don't know how I got on the plane, but I was sitting w/families, talking w/flight attendants and just enjoying the flight when I realized that there was something else about this plane. I don't know what made me realize that this was one of the planes that went into the tower.

At first, I was having a hard time deciding if I should bring this up - let people know that this plane wouldn't make it to its final destination. I began to just look at the families, etc. and saw how much they all loved each other. There were no crying babies (which would have been normal). None of the older children were loud, but rather they seemed to be enjoying playing in the aisles of the plane. I remember thinking that it was too bad they wouldn't be reaching their loved ones at the final destination. I thought that maybe it was for the best - not knowing what unspeakable thing was about to happen. That is when a little girl came up to me and told me that they knew what was going to happen. They had agreed to this... all of them had agreed to this. They all seemed to glow - it reminded me of Touched by an Angel when the angels let the person know who they are.

I remember just looking at all of these people and thinking that the children will never have the chance to experience first loves, etc. but they told me I shouldn't be upset about that because this was what they were suppose to accomplish here. I wanted to talk to as many people as I could but I could see we were beginning to get close to the towers. I just kept asking them, "Aren't you afraid of what will happen when this plane goes into the building?" They told me that knew they would be going home and there was reason to be fearful. Then the flight attendant told me that I would need to leave since we were so close to the towers. I couldn't remain on the plane because that wasn't part of my life plan. I was supposed to let people know that they didn't suffer, there wasn't panic on the plane and they went home quickly.

So, thanks for the info from Fr. Mike - it verified some of the things that I had been told.

God's love and blessings,
Kate H.

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