"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels


Angel Message from Boulder

Dear Barbara and Trudy,
I only heard about Angel Day the evening before the event in Boulder, but I was meant to be there because of a vitally important and urgent message that the Angels gave me that day. I could not stand up and read my message, like so many other people did that day at your request at the microphone, because I was overwhelmed with emotion and tears:

Sunday, October 6, 2002, at Angel Day the Angels told me it was time to surrender Keisha, as her body was shutting down. At first it felt like a smack in the face, because we worked really hard for a year to get her better. However, I soon realized my precious 13-year-old dog had suffered enough. She had struggled for a year. The Angels said “ the termination of a body is not the termination of a life; my dog gave me great strengths, it was time to use them; Keisha graced my life well, honor her tributes to me and my life; Keisha is indeed a very special soul; Keisha's mission is complete - now just give her Love.”

Wow, a hard thing to deal with!! However, since I knew it was coming, Keisha and I got to spend a lot of quality time together out in nature, in the sunshine and fresh air. My brother helped me find a place to bury her body and arranged for the digging of the hole. My friend Nancy helped me mark the spot on the land for the digger. I got a special blanket to wrap her in, and an Angel statue for her grave. Keisha got to eat Egg McMuffins, hamburgers, and hot-dogs the last couple of days. I got to tell her how important she was in my life, how wonderful she is, and how much I love her. I thanked her for everything she did for me and all that she gave to me, you know, all that good stuff. I hugged her and petted her a lot. I even clipped off a couple of locks of her hair to keep in my memory box.

Keisha was ready to end her pain, but was sad to be leaving me and the Earth she loved so much. October 14th I put her favorite bandana on her; like I always did when we were going to hike somewhere. Wearing the bandana made Keisha feel special. We went on a good walk to the nearby field she liked. Later she and I spent the afternoon hanging out on the grass in a park. Keisha enjoyed her last pleasant hours on Earth. She even got to briefly chase a big wild bunny in the backyard!

October 15th she looked forward to a last walk. I picked up little stones on the way, and noticed a red fox in the distance. Once home, Keisha just wanted to lay in the back yard - which was fine with me. My Mom and I painted the little stones with: "we love Keisha", "best dog", hearts, and a rainbow. The Angel statue holds a bird in one hand and has a small empty basket on the other side - so I put the painted stones in the basket. A Veterinarian who does house calls arrived about 1P.M. He was very gentle and compassionate. I had Keisha lay down on the special blanket, and the Vet gave her a sedative to relax her body. Keisha relaxed gently into a serene state. We all said our last good-byes. When the Vet gave her the final shot, she was able to transcend peacefully.

My brother, my Mom, and I buried Keisha’s body with dog biscuits, her favorite toy, Autumn leaves, some grass, and my brother gave her a single white rose. It took awhile, but the three of us shoveled the dirt back into the deep hole. On top I have a tall sunflower and the Angel statue, and a few larger stones. The day was beautiful with the Autumn colors on the trees, sunny and warm. It was as nice as a loss and a crossing over could be.

It was hard coming home without my sweet fuzzy buddy being here. Keisha was my best friend and companion. She was greatly loved and will be missed. It was helpful to me to have the support of family and friends. Thus I am very blessed and grateful, as I know a higher hand directed this difficult situation as well and lovingly as one could hope for it to be. All because I listened to the shocking, yet divine, message the wonderful Angels brought through to me for my beloved dog's sake. I am grateful I heard about Angel Day just in time to be there, to meet you and get a book and a video from you, and to have this wisdom come forth so timely and kindly. I am sad to not have her with me, but I know Keisha is my Angel now! I imagine that in Heaven, Keisha is healthy again, playing with her doggie buddies, chasing squirrels, and eating lots of great treats.

This week the weather turned icy cold and it snowed. Now I know why the Angel's message was so urgent, to get the burial done before the bad weather arrived. Thank you Barbara and Trudy for your lessons on how to receive messages from the Angels on Angel Day - it made a huge difference in our lives, and I wanted you to know how important that was!

Love, Peace, and Blessings,
Sherrill S.
Boulder, CO

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