"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Sign from the Angels

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

I had an experience one day after work that really left me in awe. It was a Friday and after work I drove to the Bank as always, and I always look up and admire the sky and it's beautiful clouds. As I was waiting in the drive thru there was this cloud that looked like an Angle that was standing on a pedestal. As I was staring at it, all of a sudden the rainbow started to flow thru the Angel only, then when it got to the middle of the Angel it lit up like a neon light. I wanted to yell at the Lady next to me, but instead just stared at its beauty. Then, as if someone turned the light switch off, it was over, Just the cloud remained. Was it a sign of some kind from my Angels?

Thank You,

Our Reply:
Dear Joyce
Any time you see something that thrills you as much as that experience did, you just know that it was an “angel gift.” A song on the radio, a beautiful sunset, or an angel in the heavens with a rainbow going through it are all gifts from them to us saying, I love you! Awesome!!

Barbara and Trudy ():-)

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