"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Cab Angels...

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

I'm a big fan of your work and have been communicating with my angels since 1998. I have taken two of my friends to your workshops when you were in town. I've asked for help for little things as well as big challenges.
Living in hectic Manhattan, I often ask them to send a taxicab right away. This was the case last Friday when I and my two friends were going to a restaurant during the evening rush hour, when it is nearly impossible to get one. I had almost completed my pleading when a cab that had been parked across the street was ready to go. I ran to claim it and my friends followed behind. A second after the door of the cab was shut, there was an explosion in precisely the area that we had just crossed. After our initial shock we realized our lives had been spared! Thank you Lord and thank you Angels. I have no doubt that it was their intervention that saved us. My friends and I are wondering if there was a reason that this event happened to us together and that we were all spared.

With love and gratitude,
Carmen G.

Dear Carmen,

One of the angelsí main jobs is to protect us. Whatever the reason for the explosion, you obviously were not supposed to be in it, so the angels sent a taxi to get you out of the way. That is how they work. WOW! Now you have a wonderful story to share with others who need to know how awesome and good angels are. Blessings to you!

Barbara and Trudy ():-)

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