"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Pennies from Heaven

Good Morning Angel Ladies,
I especially love the Ask The Angels section. It gives me a chance to connect early in the week, right after I've received the Sunday church blessings! and allows continuation by searching and receiving for the entire week.

I paint and write about angels. My husband is my life co-facilitator. The week before he left for a trip to his family's home in Kentucky, he experienced the angels' love by receiving pennies from heaven! One dropped out of the closet ceiling at his feet. Another one appeared at work on the floor in a place that you would have to be on your hands and knees to find. And a third one was in the deep lawn grass. I told him that the angels were giving him a message that he is loved by them and God, and that this physical receiving of pennies is a sign that they want him more involved in their work for us to do on earth. Am I right in my thought processes?

I have also received a flurry of angel information for the last few weeks. Is this an acknowledgement, a flurry of "You Got it, Carol, now keep on!"..... Or a protection for any doom about to happen?

Angel hugs,

Dear Carol!
We absolutely love the Pennies From Heaven stories. We love finding pennies and consider it an angel gift with more abundance to come. A friend told us the other day, that she was expecting some BIG blessings because she had begun to find dimes and quarters! WOW! If nothing else, the angels are saying that we can find good stuff in the least likely places.

No doom for you! There seem to be so many angels around you that the bad guys couldn't even find you!
You made our day! Thanks for sharing and blessings on all your work.

():-) Barbara & Trudy

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