"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Sr. Mary Catherine's Angel

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

Here is my angel story. It's a story I remember every Christmas and will always cherish. I had a 4th grade teacher who was a very holy woman and a nun. She did numerous outreaches to the poor and eventually ended up in Appalachia with a group of sisters helping the poor in that area. Our family always kept in touch with her and this is how we heard this story. As she got older, Sr. Mary Catherine had a number of medical problems. She was always quite large and with all her infirmities and lack of exercise, that only got worse.

One snowy night she fell out of bed. The other sister that was living with her was a tiny woman and it was impossible for her to lift Sr. Mary and put her back into bed. The only thing either woman could do was PRAY. Their prayer was for someone to come along and help. Their house had no telephone.

No sooner was their prayer sent, a knock on the door was heard. Sr. Mary's room mate cautiously opened the door. Standing at the door was a large man who said he needed directions. It didn't take Sr. Mary's roommate long to not only give the directions, but to ask the man for his help. He easily got Sr. Mary back into bed and thanked her roommate for the directions. While Sr. Mary's room mate got her comfortable again, he left their house. She went back out to try and catch the man to thank him. He was already gone and when she opened the door to yell to him, he had vanished. Since there was snow on the ground, she noticed immediately there were NO footprints. Not one.

I guess angels don't make footprints in the snow. Thank God for the angel who helped these women that dark, snowy night. Sr. Mary Catherine is now in heaven and I'm sure has met up with her rescue angel and has been able to thank him in person.

Blessed Holidays,

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