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What about Angel Cults?

Good morning, Ladies!

Thank you for all you do, you put the loving messages out there! I am hoping you will help me with something, and I am sure I am not the only one. In our local paper this week there was a write-in about the "angel cults" that are getting so strong and how there are so many people "worshipping angels instead of God." HELP! Angels are God's messengers, they are here to love and support us. I know this. Do you have the words to share with us how you handle these individuals?

Thank you,
Julie B

Our Reply:
Dear Julie,

We personally donít know of any angel cults. People believe in what they believe from their own experience. Those who look for evil or negative energy will surely find it. We work with the angels and that is who comes to us. Those of us who work with the angels know that we donít worship them, but that would be hard to explain to someone who chooses not to believe.

Once when we asked our angels how to explain them and how they come to people said, ďDo not defend the undefendable. When people are ready to know their angels, we will be there to teach them.Ē

Blessings to you
Barbara & Trudy

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