"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

Angelspeake - Ask the Angels

Angel Questions

Dear Angelspeake,

I really enjoy receiving and reading your messages from
and about angels.

May I kindly ask your help on the following, excuse my asking.
Can an angel help us with our next car?
Can our angel help guide us with our next house move>

Love and blessings to you,

Our Reply:
Dear John,
You bet they help you with such things. If you read about the Four Fundamentals in Angelspeake or The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing, it will tell you exactly how to do it. The angels find us goodies all the time! The lead us to sales and to the very thing that fits and looks best on us at the right price. We wouldn't go shopping without them! (They even help us find good watermelons... and did we ever get a good deal on our last cars!)

That's what angels do... help you with everything you need help with.
Ask, Believe, Let it Happen, and Say Thank You is all you need to know.

():-)Barbara and Trudy


Dear Barbara and Trudy,

My name is Aracelis, and I really want to thank you, your book has opened the door to communication between me and my angels and even God! I want to ask you what should I do if something that I want very much is too delayed, I mean I've already asked God for it and I am at the "other side of the fence", where desire is not bothering me anymore, but still I don't get it, and time keeps passing, I put it all in God's hands, but it is hard. What's my wish? A loving boyfriend! what can you tell me?

Our Reply:
Dear Aracelis,
If you have gone to the "top" with your problem or desire, now Let Go of wanting a result. God has heard you and He will arrange everything when the time is right. No amount of nagging him will make it happen faster. Thy will be done...is the best prayer from now on.
Blessings to you...
():-) Barbara and Trudy

When you ASK the angels for help with anything you want to have, to be, or to do,
at the end, ask for it to come to you:
Or Better

One time, our friend Petrice, in a moment of frustration asked her angels, “Okay, angels I will let it go, but how many Os does soon have in it anyway???”

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