"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Dear Trudy and Barbara,
Here are two questions I have for the angels.

1. Why are people allergic to animals especially cats when we are supposed to love all things? People who are allergic cannot pick up or touch cats, which seem unloving. Can we get rid of this allergy?

2. I know you've spoken about numbers, but what about colors? Within the last week I've had two people tell me their sisters' favorite color was purple and also found out my friend's favorite color is purple. I know when we hear comments repeatedly, especially within such a short time it is suppose to mean something. Is the color purple symbolic for something?

And thank you so much for the newsletters. It's the one communication I get that always uplifts me.

Karen W,

From the Angels:
Dear One:
1. Being a human often has its physical drawbacks. Allergies are such a thing. There are many metaphysical reasons for them. Sometimes they are caused by a past-life memory, a sensitivity, or an imbalance. Whatever it is, loving has nothing to do with it. If you are allergic to something, it doesnít mean you canít love it, it means you canít eat, handle, or surround yourself with the essence of the allergen. Why not try to surround your pet with loving thoughts and ask it why you are allergic to it. That might teach you many things. Also, you can get rid of allergies, if you change your body patterns and how your thoughts relate to that particular problem. (B&T suggest: We suggest you go to the website www.NAET.com and read about that technique. It has worked for many in our family.)

2. Colors are as interesting as numbers. Find a book on Chakras and what the colors mean for different energy points in your body. Those colors will often coincide with what your favorite color is in some way. Purple is the color of the crown charka and indicates spiritual connection.

Your Angels

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