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Anger with God

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

In the past few years, I have been confronted multiple times with a particular situation that leaves me speechless and groping for something meaningful to share. What I have been faced with on these occasions is a person who is angry at God for "letting" a loved one die, suffer or experience a profoundly devastating life's turn. These people are so angry at God's "refusal to change events" or "indifference" that they will not go to church, refuse to acknowledge God, or have completely abandoned their belief in all things spiritual.

I would be blind to not recognize that I am being presented a lesson or an opportunity when I hear this same story time and time again. I just am not seeing the direction.
Thank you,

Our Reply:
Dear Lori,
We know exactly how you feel. We always felt there was some wise word or two we could say that would help, but we finally learned that sometimes there isn't. Anger is one of the steps in the grief process, and the angels taught us that eventually they will get on to another step, or they won't, but they will do it in their own good time. We also learned that they have their own angels beside them helping them through their process, and there is no better help than angelic help.

Now, what we do is pray for God and the Angels to help them and to bring them peace of mind and heart. As Bill Cosby said after the death of his son, “God doesn’t make bad things happen to us. We are a part of a larger plan.” One thing is for sure, we will never understand the plan.

You have a good heart, Lori. Never lose that, but know that loving someone in pain is the perfect action whether you have “proper” words to say or not.

Bless you,
Barbara and Trudy

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