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Angels and Appointments

Dear Barbara,

Your Monday Morning Message this week said.
“PLAN for only one day at a time. This is enough. You think you have to make plans, appointments, and schedules. You do not. We will provide you what you need to succeed. You were not born to fail. As the angels work for God, so do you."

Uhhh...don't you ladies schedule angel classes and calls ahead of time? As a student, brother and boyfriend, who is infamous for missing birthdays, interviews, and dates, an appointment book is an absolute necessity for me. I would like to learn to live without it, so any suggestions you have would be >wonderful.

Peace in,

Barbara answers:
Dear Heyward,
My human being self does not want to follow this message either. But here is how it works for me. Of course I have to make dental appts., etc. Yet when I ASK the angels to remind me of my appointments, I don't miss them as I did before I asked. I never set an alarm clock. I ASK my angels to wake me at a certain time, or in time enough to get to where I am going without rushing, and they do! I have not set an alarm clock in years.

What this truly means is to, as much as possible; start each day with a clean slate. Then watch God fill in the blanks. This is the perfect day! Then when I go to bed at night, I can see what God sent me. It is always a full day, or one of rest if I needed that. My duty is to do the next appropriate thing. God sends me clients, income, fun, ideas, inspiration, the right thing to see, the right thing to do, and He has never let me down. I am never bored, but I am accountable for my actions and if I am late or forget a birthday, that is a problem with me, not God.

Yes, I still forget. Yes I get out of sync. I am still human. I think they are really trying to say to depend on God for everything. He is in charge!

():-) Blessings,

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