"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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A Question to the Angels about Bankruptcy

Dear Angels,
What are the spiritual repercussions of bankruptcy.

Dear Ones,

In the matter of money, much is learned by learning how not to do it. Once again, life teaches its own lessons and as you go forward in learning them, you will be given ample opportunity to practice whatever type of abstinence you are learning about. In these days of financial difficulty for many, the lesson cannot be known unless we know the state of the soul of the person declaring bankruptcy.

For instance if a person has thought and thought and thought and used their days and sleepless nights worrying about this thing called money, perhaps the admission of defeat is the lesson. Perhaps surrendering to the inevitable can be a clearing. But on the other hand if people have used the escape of bankruptcy to overspend and cheat their creditors, it may be tantamount to thievery. There are many difficult lessons learned through the use of money.

Each person must seek in their own soul to know what to do. If you have been feeling guilty your whole life about one thing or another, perhaps the lesson is in learning to let go of the guilt and living in the truth of the circumstance. Perhaps it is allowing the circumstances to play themselves out and to reach a place of peace and harmony with yourself. There is no right or wrong, for the heart of the bankrupt will always be the final truth in Godís eyes. Trust God to help you with this problem, as He also helps you with all your troubles.

Also, know this, you cannot blame the creditor in any way for your status. You cannot blame hard times, no jobs, poor conditions, or too high of expenses. This is not Godís fault or anyone elseís. You are accountable for your own financial condition, and the lesson you learn will teach you more than any book, lecture, or scolding. Be patient to yourself and above all know, that all lessons are of your own choosing. We will be here to help you at all times. Ask for our help in understanding your plight.

The angels of abundance are with you, too. Trust, trust, trust.
Blessings from all of us.

The Angels

I was in financial difficulty, I was divorced and trying to bring up two kids on my own, so I asked my angels to sort out my finances for me. Months went by, then by a series of things happening, I was able to cash in some insurance policies, and re-mortgage my house. Now I have no debts, and £200 a month better off! I said a great big thank you, I now know that Angels DO exist, and they can really help!

Hillary D.

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