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Hi Trudy and Barbara,

I have just been listening to Dr. Bob Jones on the Larry King show, talking about various fundamentalist Christian beliefs such as the devil or Lucifer and his band of fallen angels, the position that only believers in Christ will go to Heaven, that there is no Biblical evidence that animals have souls, that homosexuality is a sin. I was wondering what the Angels have to say about these topics.

Mary F.

Lets ask them and see….Angels?

“Dear Mary, Thank you for your question, even if it does have an answer that will seem confusing. The basic truth of the universe is…:

There is no right way.

There is no wrong way.

There is only God’s way.

Every soul in heaven and on earth has the gift of believing what suits them best. If Dr. Jones believes in things you don’t, it means that those beliefs are perfect for HIM. Your beliefs are perfect for YOU so that you may learn the lessons you came to learn. All beliefs are limiting. The only way to truly be one with God is to let go of ALL beliefs that limit you, and since all beliefs are limiting, that means all beliefs--period. Such a puzzle that is.

“God is Limitless. So when you let go of limitations, you will be as close to Godliness as you can be. And that is the most you can expect.”

Your unlimited angels.

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