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Death of Children...

Hello Trudy,

I have a question. Oprah interviewed a woman on her show whose four children were murdered by her ex husband. (three teens and a 5 year old.) She went for her morning walk and while she was gone, he entered the house and shot all four of them. When she returned 1 hour later, she found her kids dead. Now, I know that there is a reason for this. But how does one figure out what it is, how does that woman go on? It just seems unfair and yet I know that it is all in the plan. Do you think you could address in your next newsletter? Talk to you soon, Love, Sonja

Dear Sonja,
Lets ask the angels

Dear Ones,
These horrible events are part of the mystery that surrounds many actions on earth. In order to understand such events, you first must know what the ˇ§karmaˇ¨ of the participants is. If you could possibly know what went before, and how all things, right and wrong, balance each other out, you would know that God does not desert anyone. You would know that there is a reason for all things and actions, and that choices made are for a higher cause.

Let us explain karma to you. Eastern religions understand it well. Western religions, which tend to believe in only one lifetime to learn all lessons, do not need to understand it. Karma is simply this. That whatever was begun in another lifetime will continue into the next. That if you are learning a lesson that cannot possibly be learned in one life, the meaning will still be taught until the lesson is learned, and not just one side of the lesson, either.

If you are learning about patience, for instance, there will be ample opportunities presented to you to do so. You will experience all perspectives, from being the abused as well as the abuser. We invite you to talk to your own angels about your own karma. Look up the word. Go to the computer to find out more. Explore the religions who believe in it. But above all know that karma is like a beautiful dance, with many practices to get it right.

You are right. The deed of killing your children is horrible and is against the laws of man and God. But until you understand what went before, you cannot judge. Loving when you do not understand is truly the highest of ideals

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