"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Please ask the angels about depression.


The Angels Reply:
Depression is not new. It has been around since earth began. If you love animals, you know that even they become depressed from time to time. Depression is a “chemical imbalance” of the body which affects the mind and the spirit. It is not a mental thing. It is a physical thing. The more out of balance you are, the more depressed you may become. Depression also comes with awareness. Awareness is part of understanding and the more you understand the complications of life, the more likely you are to be aware you are depressed.

Never before have you lived as long as you will this lifetime. Never before have you had so many responsibilities, choices, conflicts, and barriers to a happy life. Even the air you breathe is full of negative energies which can disturb your peace of mind. Food has been misunderstood and the uses for that food have been distorted. Food was created to be what it is so your body would stay in balance. Oranges came in little sections so you would eat them slowly. Grains were hard and unchewable until they were milled so you could make the staple called bread, which in some form is the dominant food in every culture in the world. Foods grew in one season instead of another so that you would be nourished with specific vitamins when they were needed at certain times of the year. Everything was coordinated to be perfect and balanced.

At some point in time, you began to live longer with more stress. Foods were hybridized and what was meant to be eaten one way was changed to something else. Everything became different and the harmony of animal/vegetable/mineral was lost. Man is now wise enough to realize that the resulting chemical imbalance can be restructured into harmony by using other means. We have sent information to the scientists and chemists so that you could live longer with balance, peace, and harmony.

A mere 100 years ago your life expectancy was 20 to 30 years less than today. The goal of a longer life now is not to be miserable, but to build upon the knowledge you have gained in order to help the world with the specific work you were born to do. In order to be able to live longer with health and happiness, you were taught by the Wise Ones about vaccines, vitamins, and medicines. It was also taught that balance could be regained through meditation, exercise, physical control, and prayer. Humans are better off today than they ever been because you have so many choices as to how you will deal with the disease/condition of “depression.”

Depression has many subtleties and what one may need to do might be different from another. Do not feel guilty or unsure about which path to take for your own self. Ask us for our guidance, but know that all remedies have been sent by God so that you may be more complete and well. All the sources of help are not to “change” you, but to help you get back to the “balanced” state similar to a child. Not to be happy all the time, not to be sad, but to be a bit of both. Good/Bad. Happy/Sad. Joyful/Depressed. If you are only depressed, you are not living the “polarity” of this planet. You have no choice at all. Balance is God’s plan for earth.

With Love,
Your angels

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