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Questions about Evil

Hello, Angels:
I was watching Larry King Live last night and they were discussing the Laci Peterson case last week I was watching an interview with John Walsh. Several questions came up for me about murder and evil.

Why do we kill each other for means other than war or protection? What kind of person kills a pregnant woman and unborn child or for that matter, who can kill a child? Why is it that some missing persons (the bodies) are found but some are never found?

Does true evil exist and does evil walk the earth? If we choose (for the most part) our plan of life before our birth - what would be the point of choosing to be murdered?


FROM Mary F. Along the same lines
Dear Trudy:
I enjoyed the angels' answer to Pam from Texas who asked in the last eletter how much control we have over our lives or how much is pre-destined. My question for the angels is how does this paradigm explain people like Hitler, Saddam or Osama who make life choices that are extremely detrimental to masses of people? Did their soul choose such a life for some karmic reason or is it that their ego is totally off track with their soul? Thank you for any insight you can give me on this.


ANSWER From the Angels
Dearest Ladies, you pose very good questions. If God is Love, then why is there evil? If God is the creator, then why would he create things that were non-loving? This seems to defy the laws God himself created to run the universe. But does it?

If there were no dualities, there would be no action/activity. If there were no positive and negative, then everything would be neutral. Even in the atom there are protons (positive charge), neutrons (no charge), and electrons (negative charge). All are different energies to keep the orbits in order so that the correct atoms will be able to come together to form substances such as water or glass. There is an infinite number of pieces therefore there is an even greater number of possibilities and options.

Humans have the same parts. There is good, bad, and neutral within each person. Free Will and choice make an infinite number of possibilities from which every soul may chose while on earth. Everyone is allowed the opportunity to choose what they will become or how they will act and the situations which will assist these choices. Thus the duality begins. Choice IS duality/polarity. Without it you would be neutral like the center portion of the teeter-totter with no movement at all.

Next, there are lessons. If there were no choice, there would be no consequence. Nothing would matter. Again, think of the teeter-totter. Does the center/fulcrum point know that the edges are moving? No. That part is neutral. You are on earth to learn the lessons your soul needs for growth. Therefore, your soul wants to be where there is action and reaction. And as you know, it is only in movement do we go forward (or backward) and have the real choices.

There are two major reasons why there are evil people in your world.
1. There are those who have grave mental disorders and cannot make decisions for good. (The psychopath).
2. There are those who are born to do work which appears bad, but which in actuality is the negative which will create good. (The equal and opposite reaction.).
In the first example, you might include the murderers, the evil-doers or the cruel who enjoy hurting others such as serial killers or rapists. The second example might be souls like Judas who is thought to have betrayed Christ, but in actuality chose the life he lived in order to fulfill prophecies.

But here is the truth that is hard to understand. You, as an observer, will never know which is which. Because of duality, even the worst of the worst deeds will eventually come around to goodness. You will never know what a soul’s karma is. Karma says, everything is cause and effect. All action creates its opposite. All actions will result in movement. What you are doing, by living a life, is to find your highest good. As it is when you jump on the trampoline, the more “spring” you have, the higher you can go.

Your lesson then, is to be aware of your own patterns of up/down, good/bad, kindness/rudeness, love/hate,
joy/sorrow, etc. You can use the parts of yourself that are negative to “spring” you up into a greater, more loving, and helpful person. This is called growth.

Finally, do not judge. Do not judge the actions of others unless you know why they were born, what they were to accomplish, and what their karma is. You will never know the answers to any of these questions. They are a mystery and will remain a mystery. Love is the only truth you need to know, and you can start by not judging anyone’s actions. God is in charge of the Greater Plan.

Your Angels

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