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A Family Problem

Hello Barbara,

I am writing to you because my family has a serious problem and could you please talk to our angels? My sister is going through a very difficult situation and she is trying to get custody of her 7 month old son. Her husband is making it very difficult. Could they tell us a plan to follow? What can we do?


Dearest Marta,
It is so sad when a family breaks up and there are children involved. There never seems to be a good way to do it, and when there is a lot of conflict, it is only worse for the kids.

It may be difficult for you to understand this, Marta, but the best way to pray is to pray for God's Right Action. Some people call it Divine Right Action. Because we, as human beings, do not know what the lessons involved are, it is a very safe way to pray and to give light to a conflict that seems very dark and unsolvable.

Another benefit of praying for Divine Right Action is so you can bring down any negative energy that surrounds the situation. Conflict always has two sides pushing against each other. When you take yourself out of the conflict (not to "give in" but to Let Go and Let God do His work) then you will see that the conflict just disappears and very often resolves itself quickly and peacefully. The more you fight, the more everyone fights, and God cannot even get in to do the work you want of Him because there is such a barrier of anger.

Pray FOR your brother-in-law! Pray that his heart be softened so that a solution can be arrived at that is for the Greater Good of the children and everyone. Pray for softening of YOUR hearts, too. This is not about win/lose. This is all about how much you can love.

I will definitely pray for Divine Right Action for your situation. Then I know I am praying in alignment with God and FOR THE GREATER GOOD of everyone involved.

Also, add your prayers to Prayer Wings on our website, so you can add other's prayers to yours.

Blessings to you, Dear Lady. You have a good heart.
():-) Barbara and Trudy

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