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Hi, The US govt. is now saying for us to have extra food and water ahead and also batteries for our radios, is this just a scare tactic or are our very lives in jeopardy or worse?

Thank you,

Dear Child,
There is risk to life every day/moment of your life. Fear is especially potent when one does not feel safe or prepared. Would you take a trip without taking with you what you need to live on? Would you get in your auto if it was not in safe condition? Would you build a fire in the middle of the living room if you were cold? No, it would be foolish to do any of these things. You know better.

In times past, when your society was more agrarian, each family prepared for the worst conditions which could happen. Food, tools, firewood, and supplies, were always on hand. Today, you depend on a super market instead of yourself. Will your supermarket keep you safe? Only until the last item is gone, then what will you do? You will be safe and feel safe when you have planned ahead for all circumstances. Weather, politics, or earth changes, all can create a crisis. You will rest better and BE LESS AFRAID if you know you have done what you can to be prepared for anything. Your government is just saying to be sensible. This is “common sense” not a scare tactic. As they say, “Pray for peace, but prepare for war.” Your country is at war and common sense says to prepare for deficiencies.

With love,
Your Angels

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