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Feeling Out of Place

Dear Trudy and Barbara,
I have always felt like I am out of place. I never hung with one group. I had a friend or two from each group. I was born in Michigan, but I have never been to Michigan or seen the state other than books or on TV. My parents only stayed there till I was 2 yrs old. Then they moved back to Chicago. . I feel that I never belonged and I just am wandering around the earth with no secure feeling of belonging anywhere.

I have grown to love and believe in angels. I feel they are all around me, but I never feel I get a straight answer from them. I am never sure if they are answering me. I was told I had a bad spell put on me on my 13th birthday by someone that was jealous of me and my family. Would that have anything to do with the way I feel lost?

Thank you,
Mary from somewhere.

Our Response:
Dear Mary,

There are many reasons you may feel out of place, but the major one is that you are a "seeker" and as such, you go forward with life where you are shown to go. The job of a seeker is to seek, and you have done a lot of that. There is a lot of goodness in being what you are; the trick is to find some like minded people to do it with.

We are seekers, too. We have lots of friends, but we definitely march to our own drummers. Also, you might have been born out of your "soul group" which means that you don't have any really close soul friends this lifetime, so you feel differently from others...including family. So you end up feeling as though you are the odd-man-out.

It's okay. Ask your angels to bring like minded people into your life and develop the kind of personality that will attract others to you. It can be done. Take a Dale Carnegie Class...that is a great thing to do for "loners." You might benefit from a reading, too. You will get insights on your life.

About the "spell", I doubt it. But just in case, there are some negative vibes hanging around, ask your angels to remove them. You can smudge yourself, use holy water, or just pray sincerely for cleansing and imagine pink light pouring over your body and washing away any clinging energies that are not of the light.

And, your purpose for this year is to HAVE FUN!

Blessings in 2004
Barbara & Trudy ():-)  


Dear Trudy & Barbara,

I was very interested in the message from the lady who said she feels she doesn't "fit in" anywhere. I feel exactly the same and wonder what is wrong with me. I try my best to be friendly with people and just never seem to be able to have many friends. I have only one to two CLOSE friends. I sometimes think I ask too much from people -- loyalty, honesty, friendliness and never really find this.

I have been this way all my life and I am now 49 yrs. old.. Why is it some people always seem to have many friends and I just cannot? What am I doing

Kathy D.

Since this topic is brought up often, let’s ask the angels about the spiritual reason
of feeling like you don’t “fit in”.

Dear Ones, because all of you have so many diversified experiences of many lifetimes, there are innumerable possible combinations of souls who come to earth to live at any one time. The most common reason a soul doesn’t “fit” is because it has chosen to be born into a family it has never been with in any lifetime. People who have very close families have often been incarnated with each other many times, and therefore there is a soul recognition immediately and a bond of work or talents that is recognizable. If you have been born into such a family and you are the odd-soul-out, so to speak, you will never feel like you belong.

Another reason you may feel alone is that you are out of synchronicity with your primary soul group and have chosen to be born this time to learn lessons of individualism, survival, ego strength, and to live a life with unique growth opportunities. Do not lose hope. Pray that you will find a friend as unique as you are. Do different things than your family of origin suggested. Follow your own heart and be different. There are others like you, just not where you would think they are. Trust that you are on the right path. You are.

Your angels who are always with you.

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