"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

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Final Exam?

Dear Barbara and Trudy,

The experiences in my life now feel like they are all a "final exam." If we pass these, will we be able to move on in this life and be the mentors we're meant to be--instead of staying "in the fourth grade" and feeling like we're treated like a child (on the job) constantly?

Mary M

The Angels’ Answer:
Dear One, it is difficult for you to be on the earth plane when your spirit longs to soar with the angels. You have the soul of a true seeker. A true seeker is NEVER content. A true seeker longs to move forward into new awareness and great deeds and to work for God. A true seeker is always seeking for more ways to love God and do His work. It is both a gift and a burden, for when you long to seek, your ego must be engaged in order to BELIEVE you are necessary, gifted, and able to do whatever shows up. Patience is always required, but is a trait a true seeker does not have in great supply. Patience and Motivation are strange companions.

You, dear lady, are not in the 4th grade. Nor are you in a competition with a graduation and applause at the end. You have selected your life to learn and to give to others the value of what you have learned. Think of it this way. If a “teacher” did not go to school, how would that teacher know how to teach? Look at your life as a school and you both the teacher and the student. You teach what you know, but you are also learning from other teachers what you need to know in order to teach greater things to others.

Your frustration is not because you have nothing to teach, but because there is TOO MUCH TO DO and you cannot see your part of the whole because you are looking at what you have to do, rather than what you have done. This is good, but it still creates a “gap” in the way you feel. You feel incomplete and unfulfilled because you cannot see what you have accomplished.

Trust that God knows. Trust that He is the GREAT TEACHER and as you need to know, you will be filled with the knowledge you require. You are not alone in any way. Many others feel as you do, but know also that just because your MIND doesn’t know what is going on, doesn’t mean your soul doesn’t know either. You ARE doing your work. You ARE progressing. And you are walking in the LOVE of God which will help you do more and more and more.

From Barbara & Trudy:
We were once taught an affirmation by a holy woman many years ago. It is, “I am peace!”

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