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Miraculous Rosary

Hello, Barbara and Trudy,

In the Summer of 1994 my 50-year old rosary beads that my grandmother had given me years before, turned gold. The metal was a dirty, dusty black before this happened. In fact, when I held the beads the dust was still on it. I was dumbfounded, and I went outside and sat on the stoop to get a better look. The Virgin Mary medallion that was in the middle of the Rosary had not changed yet, but, while it was in my hand, it too turned gold. I was extremely frightened, my husband was brought to tears. I showed it to a few priests and other church workers in the area. Some told me I was "blessed". Some told me this was a miracle from the Medugorjie sightings of the Blessed Mother, and that these Rosary changes were happening all over the world. I was confused.

The only reason I can come up with was that maybe God was telling me to brace myself because there were going to be rocky times ahead, but that he'd be there for me. In 1995, I was diagnosed with clinical depression, had many problems with eating disorders and tried to commit suicide twice. My life has begun to change for the better, however. I have 2 beautiful children, my marriage in stronger than ever, my depression has subsided, we built a beautiful new home in an affluent area, and I have lost approximately 90 pounds since February, 2003.

Could this be the reason why my Rosary Beads changed color? Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone else? Could the Angels try to bring some clarity to this? I would really appreciate it.

Thanking you in advance,

Our Reply:
Dear Donna,

We agree with the part, "...Some told me I was "blessed". Some told me this was a miracle from the Medugorjie sightings of the Blessed Mother, and that these Rosary changes were happening all over the world."

This is true. We have Medugorjie medals of the Blessed Mother that a student brought from a visit he made there and he had told us that it was a common occurrence for that to happen. We didn't look at it as a bad thing, but a blessing that was given to the one who needed it. In fact we check our medals every once in awhile to see if they have changed.

I am so happy for you! Why don't you try to look up Medugorjie and medals and miracles on the web and see what you find out?

Barbara has some blood on a cotton ball that she got in Italy when she was taken to meet a woman who had the sign of the stigmata on her hand. (Where her hand bleeds from the center of her palm similar to where Jesusí wound was.) In her entry room, she had a whole lot of statues of Mary, Jesus, the Infant of Prague, all kinds of them. They wept blood. Not every minute, but often. Also, if you took a drop of the blood on your finger and put that drop on the wall, it would create a cross (like Jesus' cross...not an x or a + ). They were all over the wall. Some were very big, others quite small. It was amazing!

Accept the fact that you have been given a miracle and that you didn't have to do anything to receive it. Just keep it in your heart and believe it. We are believers in all kinds of wonderful things, so why not?
Blessings to you and believe in yourself as a holy child of God and that he has sent his Blessed Mary to love you. God Bless you from us, too.

():-) Barbara & Trudy

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