"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Helping Others

Dear Trudy and Barbara,

I believe in angels and that they will help when you call upon them. However, when friends ask me why nothing in life ever seems to go smoothly for them, despite the fact they try and live decent lives, I never find the right words to help them.

One friend in particular has lost both her businesses through burglars, she has had her house burgled and several cars broken into over the years. (Culprits have never been found). However hard she tries, something else happens to knock her back. Why is this?

Please help me to help her. Thank you.

Our Reply:
Dear Clare, You are a very good friend to want to help others in their need. Just as you gather around to lend your love and help, so are the angels when bad things happen. We have had some periods of our life when nothing went right. In fact, when we look back on those times now, all we can say is, I am glad that is over.

Life lessons are always being learned while we are here on earth. The people that help the most are those who offer comfort and support. Some people seem to know how to do that well. Others can never think of a thing to say or do. Here is how to help others when they need it.

Give a hug.
Say, I am with you.
Send a card with a surprise in it.
If you have money to spare, make that surprise a check.
Babysit or clean or do a load of laundry.
Send a cake or casserole.
Pray with them or for them.
Ask your angels for inspiration as to what to say or do.

Whatever you do, please do not give advice unless it is asked for, and even then use it very sparingly. Even the angels dont give advice. They comfort and support, heal, teach, protect, and are always with you. You can do the same and will know you are doing and saying the right thing.

Barbara and Trudy

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