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Dear Trudy and Barbara,
I bought your book The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing first, but as you mention the first book Angelspeake so much in it, I decided to buy it and read it. I was trying to contact my angels through the computer but I actually only once felt the answers were theirs. I even broke in tears. I felt so full of this strange and loving emotion... but then I kept trying and I didn’t feel their answers coming to me anymore. It seemed like I was making them up, so I quit.

Now I want to try again, but I don’t even know how to start, it looks like I need some tools or direction. Could you ask them to give me an answer?  I also want to buy your video, but I don’t know how to do it from here.  I’m really looking forward to hearing from them, because sometimes I just feel so lost....

Thank you,

Our Answer:
Dear Bely
Most people don’t hear actual words. That strange and loving emotion you felt is your angel’s love coming to you. There are two words for “hear” in Spanish, we are told. One means to hear with your ears “oir” , the other, “escuchar” or “sentir” means to hear or “to feel the words.” The word “sentir” is better to use. You will “feel” the words. It is not like hearing on the radio, it is like hearing with your heart. Yes, you will feel like you are making it up. That is the sign it is them. You don’t feel like that when you are writing anything else because you know that you really ARE making it up. Just write. Your angels are there, whether you think so or not. Just don’t try so hard. 

Barbara and Trudy

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