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From the Angelspeake Forum

I have been scouring through The Forum of messages and I have been reading over and over on how to Angelspeake for a while now. I am sure my question by now seems a bit boring what with everyone trying to find a method to this madness of how to Angelspeake. I was wondering how the one person who requested a computer got his/her wish to materialize in a matter of a short period of time I guess. I mean my real question is do you just sit down and just write on a plain piece of white paper and say “Yo Angels got a situation here and I need a bit of help, (I.E. I was just laid off from my job at the IRS can you help me find another spectacular job like the one I was in before except hold the bosses with a bad attitude off my wish list and keep the having really decent understanding co-workers on my wish list with a small heaping of a well to do salary if its meant to be on my wish list here’s the kicker folks and I would end it with a dramatic, PLEASE pretty please….., can I speak to angels like that….LOL


Our Reply:
Yes. Yes. Yes! You can talk to the angels anyway you feel like. They aren’t going to punish you for having questions. How I got the computer was a miracle to me, but it really was just part of Ask, Believe, Let It Happen, Say Thank You. (The Four Fundamentals we teach in our books.) Here is how I did it (and I have done it thousands of times since with other things, too.)

First, I decided that it was possible for me to have a computer. At the time I didn’t know anything about computers…I was new to talking to the angels and the last computer I had ever heard of was an Apple IIE (This was in 1991 and that was an ancient clunker even in those days—green screen and all.) I just wanted to type, save, and print angel messages. That was it.

1. I ASKED my angels for an Apple IIE so I could type, save, and print their messages. I did not write it down, although sometimes I do.
2. I BELIEVED it was going to come somehow. I couldn’t afford a computer or even knew how to use one, so it certainly had to come from the angels. It was the only possible way it could happen.
3. I LET IT HAPPEN and quit thinking about it (most of the time). In fact, I doubted it would happen, so it was easy to let go of.
4. A week later, I was at my friends house for dinner. As I was leaving, Roger (the husband) said to me, “Hey, do you need a computer? I have an old Apple IIE that I want to get rid of. It isn’t much, but it works and has a printer with it.”

THIS IS A TRUE STORY!! I about fainted. I remembered ASKING the angels, and it overwhelmed me that they gave me just exactly what I wanted.

Here is what I learned.
1. I had received specifically what I had asked for. Now I see it was almost a joke that with all the computers in the world, I asked for a junker, and that is exactly what I got. Not six months later, I was given a brand new computer by my son. When he saw what I was using, he said it wasn’t good enough to write angels on. I didn’t even ask for that one.
2. However by that time I BELIEVED that the work I was doing for God was being supported by the angels so my trust level was way up from what it had been.
3. I could LET GO of what I asked for much better by now because I didn’t understand how it happened anyway, so I just let the angels do it. I also, by that time, had quit giving advice to my angels when I asked for something. I let them figure out how to do it.
4. My GRATITUDE level was also way up. I was noticing all the little tiny things the angels did for me day in and day out (feathers on my car, pennies from heaven, great parking spaces, sale items finding me, remembering things, I can’t begin to tell you what all--both large and small..)

We have taught thousands and thousands of people how to Angelspeake. There are those who “get it” right away and those who take a while to learn how easy the Four Fundamentals are. But Believe this. It will take as long as it takes. Your angels are patient, they are loving, and they are bringing you gifts every day of your life. You can acknowledge them, or not, and they are still going to bring you wonderful things. But if you take part in the process through using the Four Fundamentals, you will see miracle after miracle. No, angels aren’t Santa Claus. They are more like the parents on Christmas morning who woke up to greet their crying child who was obviously very disappointed with his gifts. When they asked him why he was crying, their son said, “I wanted a bicycle and I didn’t get it.” The parents looked at each other in surprise. Their son had never even asked for one.

():-) Barbara

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