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Hurricane Katrina

Hi Trudy & Barbara,

All the news about the Hurricane in the southern states is so depressing. Could you ask your Angels for all of us who are sad what God thinks about all of this and is it all going to come out? What is our lesson in all of this?

Helen S.

Dear Angels, Could you please answer Isisí and Helenís questions about Hurricane Katrina?

Dearest ladies, there are beautiful hearts in your breasts, and because you have compassion for others, you are more acutely touched than some others. It is always so.

When disasters fall upon your planet, it is very important to look at the big picture rather than the immediate horrors you see on television and in your papers. Here are some things to think about.

1. News reports give a Call to Action. They Ask for help. It may seem to focus on the pain and suffering, but the reports are also going around the world telling others what is needed. Think of all the people you saw on television asking for food, water, and assistance. Remember how their appeals moved you.
2. That cry for help motivates those untouched by the horror, to come forward and aid their fellow man. They may not know what they can do specifically, but in the beginning they know they have to do something. Everyone has a need to give what they can. This is the time of Belief that a person can be of service.
3. Then comes the time of rebuilding, renewal, and revival. This is the longest period and is the hardest to see in the big picture because it comes one human to another in little ways. A drink of water, a hug, a hand reaching out to pull one up to dry land. This is the Happening time and it will go out of the press very quickly. The disaster is over and regeneration begins.
4. Gratitude is the final step in Rebuilding. As the destruction is replaced by construction the previous despair is overlaid with pride and thankfulness. Hearts begin to fill with purpose, and the cycle is complete.

It is always so. Tragedy occurs. Then people first, rebuilding second, happiness third. Why does it happen this way? Because you are good. You love each other. You care. That is why. It is the crowning glory of the human being to reach out and help the less fortunate. That is why God has given you so much faith. So you can use it to help the helpless.

You have all been asked to do a great deal this year. You have proven yourself worthy.  You are our beloved beings, and we will help you in all you do in these difficult times.

God thinks you are wonderful!
Your Angels

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