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Inspirational Dream!

Dear Trudy,
I am 18 years old and have been going through depression and anxiety. I have always been a spiritual person, but over the past two-three years I have been re-connecting with what I lost when I stopped believing.

I had a question to ask. A while back I had a dream where I was singing in my kitchen and Marilyn Monroe was there sitting at my table. Her eyes grew wide and she smiled at me (as if to pay me a compliment for my voice). It was one of those dreams that when you awake you feel changed afterwards (really inspired).

After I had this dream I bought a book called "Marilyn: Her Life in her Own Words" and as I was reading the intro from the photographer who was a close friend of hers, he mentioned how Marilyn's eyes grew wide when he said things that she liked (the same way as in my dream. When I read the line I got goose bumps and was in disbelief because I had no prior knowing of this).

I feel deep down that Marilyn was VERY misunderstood, and that no one really saw the real her. I also feel she was a spiritual person as well. My question is does Marilyn have a message to give? I just was wondering. I feel such a strong connection to her. I would like to attend one of your workshops. That would make me so happy!!!!
Angel love to you!!!!

The Angels Answer:
We often come to you in many ways, even in your dreams, to help you heal and grow through your learning at difficult times.

Dreams can have different meaning for each of you. There is a difference between a dream and a visitation. A dream seems very fuzzy in the morning and you canít remember much of what happened. A visitation, on the other hand, can be extremely clear and really seem to touch your soul. Visitations seem to be so vivid and clear that you never really quite forget them.

The souls on the other side always work for your greatest good. Believe your dream was a visitation from Marilyn. You said you had been depressed and sad, much like Marilyn was toward the end of her life. The fact that you are looking for love and support, tells us that she came to love, heal and encourage you in every way possible.

You are a special person. Why not write to Marilyn and ask her if there is anything else she would like to share with you in writing?

Your Angels

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