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What is "hell" or is there such a place?

Dear Trudy & Barbara,

Please, I have asked this question before and am very confused about what is accurate. We learn through our angels that life after death is "heavenly" and wonderful - which I have no doubt is absolutely true and I have been taught this since a young child. However, in church, we are told over and over that if you don't follow the commandments, etc..., and don't believe that Jesus is the son of God, that we will be doomed to hell - is this true or is there even a place called "hell"???? I am Christian and this has been taught in every church I have ever attended. Please clarify because our angels never speak of such a morbid place.


Our Reply:
Dear Robin,
This is a wonderful question. Let's Ask our Angels....

Dear Angels, What is "hell" or is there such a place?

Dear Children, Yes, there is such a place, but it is not what you think it is. Hell isn't a place--it is a state of mind. When a soul is without love or a belief in God or in a belief that there is no love for them on either side of the veil, then that is the state of "hell". And how could you get out of such a hopeless place? By asking. By saying, "God, please help me." In a twink of an eye, you would be transformed into that place of love you call "heaven". God is not exclusive to anyone who seeks him. No matter what you have done or how you have lived, you can come back into his light and love just by seeking to be there.

You would have to be a pretty sad individual to be in "hell". Churches, in their understanding, have made hell a place. It is a lack of love of any kind that creates "hell."

Don't worry, dear lady. You are a beautiful seeker, and God loves you enormously.

Blessings to you,
Your angels.

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