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Blessing Loud Music

Dear Barbara & Trudy,

I WOULD like to know what it is that I need to learn, what my lesson is behind the issue of inconsiderate neighbors who play their music very loud. It is very distressing at times. Our attempts to communicate with them, has been met with hostility and disregard. What do I need to learn, what is my lesson, how do I fix this?

Joanne K.

Our Reply:
Dear Joanne,

You are going to love this answer. Once, a friend of ours asked us how to get rid of rowdy neighbors. The angels told us to bless them away! It worked! One afternoon three of us gathered in our friendís living room (which was across the street from the troublemakers) and we blessed, prayed, and sent white light and love to them as strongly as we could. They were gone within the month. Love works better than hostility. People who know feng shui also know how to turn energy around. Look it up on the web. And, of course, ASK your angels to soften the noise coming from them and to dim your ears against their entertainment. 

Barbara and Trudy

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