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Angelspeake - Ask the Angels
Question about Homosexual and Lesbian Love

Dear Trudy and Barbara,
Hi! I was reading Monday's message and it said that God's love is infinite. I believe this strongly. But, all my life people had taught me that it is a natural way for everything and part of this "natural way" is that love has to be between male and female to be accepted by God.

Then what about homosexual and lesbian love? I know that the love most of them share as a couple is as real as heterosexual couple’s. God respects our free will but at the same time, He sends us messages to help us understand if we are doing something wrong. I know gay couples that have been together 20, 30 and more years and they always feel that God guides and blesses them thru the relationship.

What the angels say about this? What is God's truth?


Lets ASK the angels.
Dear Angels, please answer Sandy’s question.

Dear Ones,

Why do you think love has to be categorized and quantified? Love is love and does not judge. One man loves his dog. Another does not like dogs at all. Is the loving man wrong? Is the non-loving person wrong? No. It would be foolish to think so. All love that brings no harm is good in God’s sight. Look not at right and wrong. Look at the whole. God loves all and supports all loving relationships. The gardener does not weed his neighbor’s garden; he takes care of his own. So it is with life. Protect your own loving relationships and help them to grow. Be tolerant of how others choose to love.

Your angels of Love

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