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How do Mediums Work?

Dear Barbara & Trudy

I have had lots of experiences with the angels but since I am a medium I’d like to know if, when I do a spiritual session, if I speak through them or through my main spiritual guide? Please reply.


Our Reply:
Dear Gloria,

What a great question! Here is what one of our original teachers told us (and she is one of the most gifted women we know). She said that when she was doing a reading, our angels tell her angels and her angels tell her and she tells us. So it is a four way communication. But, when we feel their energy so clearly and can “see” how they look and “hear” their accents, and receive such specific information, we feel they are talking directly to us. Maybe it is just the way it works for the readings we are doing. Perhaps we should ask the angels?

Dear Angels,
How does a medium work?

Dear Gifted Ladies,
You are able to receive ENERGY. How you receive it is an individual gift. Some mediums receive physical energy while others receive energy of a more spiritual nature. Some need to speak through guides, while others can tap into the message no matter who sends it. All gifts and energies are slightly different and attune themselves to the people involved in a totally individual way. When you do not receive a clear message, it is that the energy is being interrupted, not that your gifts are weak. Ask for another energy source in a case like this and then ask other angels to tune that source. Yes, there are a few people you will not be able to "read" but as you notice, they are very few.

When you have questions of any nature about the process between the sender/receiver/angel connection, ask us.
Your angels of energy

WOW! Whatta reading!
():-) Barbara & Trudy

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