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Help from the odor angels!

Dear Angel Ladies,
We're unable to figure out why we have an unidentified odor in our den. It's been cleaned from top to bottom. We've checked under the house for anything amiss, cleaned carpet repeatedly, etc. We leave the windows open for hours at a time in there. It doesn't smell in the hall and any other room in our home. I've sprayed Fabreze and used room sprays and they helped only for awhile. The odor isnít always there, either. This has been going on for about a year.

Thank you for your help.
Gordon and Ruth

Our Reply:
Dear Gordon and Ruth,
Try "praying" the odor away. Take sage or incense (anything that smokes) or holy water and bless every corner, window, door, etc. of the room saying your favorite prayers at the same time. Ask whoever/ whatever it is to leave NOW and not to return. The smudging is a Native American way to purify energy and we really love doing it. Sometimes there are unruly energies which attach to our homes, furniture, clothing, etc. Prayer will remove it. Try it and see.

():-) Barbara

And a follow up from RuthÖ.
Dear Barbara
I received your letter as what to do in our den. I had already written to the Angels after receiving a note that it might not be possible for all the questions to be answered and to write to the Angels. The day after writing to the Angels the odor disappeared! After a whole day of normal air I wrote and thanked the Angels. Isn't that wonderful? This is the 3rd day! Thanks for your advice.


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