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Dear Barbara and Trudy,

I get a wonderful comforting feeling when my angels write to me. They sometimes twist words around backwards. I have written poetry for about 35 years and they told me that some of the poetry was from them. I would get a poem and couldn't stop writing until it was complete and it was just like when the angels communicate with me.
I believe in the angels and their messages from God. I have read your books and many other books on angels and I just wanted to share what I know about angels with you because these are genuine experiences I have had with them. I am 51 and I began having these experiences at about 18 years old and have had many. I didn't know at the time that these were actual angel experiences but in looking back, they were!

My questions is when groups of angels speak to someone do they speak in one mind to make the message stronger or what is the idea of a group speaking to you?

Thanks, God bless you both,

Dear Lynette,
The group response you get from your angels is that they are part of the ALL...The ONE MIND... of God. They have no egos so they don't need to be individualized. When they do come as individuals, that is at our request or their choosing, but they come as needed. So if we are ill and need healing angels, the proper healing angels will show up to help. Often it is more than one. And rather than give a bunch of names, they give one group name as an indicator of their presence.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your wonderful message. You are an awesome person.

Barbara and Trudy

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