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Question about Orbs

Hello again, Barbara and Trudy,

Good morning and hello once again, thank you again for such a truly educational site. I always look forward to reading your letters from the angels section.

Yesterday I was clearing through an old photo album from a past relationship and I came across a photo that had orbs. I had never noticed in the past but as I look now, it is so clear. What do you think of that?

Andrew from the UK
(ed: an orb is a light or presence)

Trudy relates:
Dear Andrew,

I just had a similar experience. My first grandchild had just been born and the nurse, as she was taking the baby across the hall into the nursery, happened to see me standing there in the waiting area. She said, “Do you want to hold your new grandson?” I was in shock! He was only 4 or 5 minutes old! Then she took a picture of me holding my sweet Michael. In the picture, behind me, is a very clear “orb” as you call it. If you look closely you can see several more. I know it is the angels who also had come to welcome Michael into the world. From now on, I will check every picture I take to check for spiritual lights of angels and souls who got “caught” on film.

Trudy ():-)  

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