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Questions about Psychic Healing

Hello Barbara and Trudy:

Thank you for you wonderful efforts to share your inspiration and knowledge and communications from the angels with all of us. I am grateful and my life has been changed forever as a result.

Could you please ask the angels two questions I have about conducting a psychic healing ? First, who do they recommend we call upon a group of angels, any ones specifically, and is it best to channel their energy through our hands, or thoughts (prayers), through merging our soul energy with the patient's soul energy, or all at the same time or alternately. A related questions is: "How do we best protect ourselves from taking on our patient's energy or symptoms ?"

Love and blessings to both of you,
Lesley T.

From the Angels,
Dear Healer, This is not as hard as you may think, for when you call on the patientís Healing Angels, the right ones will appear instantaneously. Bring the healing energy in through the top of your head Imagine it flowing down into your heart, down your arms and into your hands. You may even feel it flowing. Let it flow THROUGH YOU. Open your heart Do not stop it. The doors of the heart open outward. At the end of the healing, imagine pink light cleansing the healer (yourself), again flowing through you, and back to God. and that will protect you from receiving the patientís energy back into your self.

You have asked good questions, but part of our work is to not only heal the patient, but also to protect the healer. Again, allow the energy to flow through, not to come back in. Imagine yourself as a hose or faucet. Some healers get into trouble when they think they must pull the sickness out of the patient. Not so. Push it out, through you into the patient and out the other way.

Bless you and your wonderful work.
The Angels.

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