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What about Psychics?

Hi, Barbara, Trudy, and the Angels!

I have a question about psychics. Do Angels consider them an important part of the spiritual world and a good way to get in touch with Angels, or do Angels think most psychics are charlatans just out to get money? Is there a place in this world for psychics?

The reason I ask is because I once contacted a psychic and she told me that my "Angels say this, and my Angels say that, my Angels want me to do this, and that", but I wonder if this is true...do Angels really work with psychics? The psychic in question gave me very comforting information, by the way, and I hope it wasn't all a scam.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.
Donna C.

Our Reply:
Dear Donna
The angels work with everyone. The fact that they seem to work with psychics or channelers is because we accept their messages and our work is to pass on the information they give us. Angelspeake's work is to teach everyone how accessible angels are and how to connect with them yourself. Our book, Angelspeake, How To Talk With Your Angels, and the others we have written, teach exactly how to do that.

If your psychic charged you for her time, that is what the angels have told her/him to do. Many people have difficulty with that because it doesn’t seem spiritual, but the angels have guided them to do it. Judge all readings by how true they ring in your inner knowing. If it doesn’t “fit”, then ignore it.

We are happy you had an experience that made you feel good.
():-) Barbara and Trudy

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