"Be happy with yourself, choose joy.
Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

...the angels

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Who is the sniper?

(Taken from the November 1, 2002 newsletter when all the sniper chaos was happening)

Hi! Can your Angels tell you anything about the sniper who is killing all these people out East?

Will you Dear Angels?
Yes, but you will not like the answer we give you, for you expect a message about good and evil. There is no human on earth that is not loved by God. There is no human on earth who is not supported by an entire band of angels to help with making wise choices or to balance many lifetimes of learned and unlearned lessons. The soul who disobeys what seems to be Godís law is said to be doomed to hell. We say, that person has doomed him or her self to more lessons.

Each soul makes wise choices and unwise choices. As you follow the path of your existence in any lifetime, you will choose both. Always, however, no matter how unwise the choice turned out to be, you will be given another chance to learn what you have not before. Murder is a terrible thing, but remember how we have taught it in your books. God and the soul crossing over make these choices together, and no matter what it looks like from your point of view, it is different from our perspective. There is a greater plan. There is always love in abundance surrounding the event whether the person is the apparent victim or perpetrator.

If God came to earth today and told you to love one another, would you immediately lay down your hatred of others? He has sent this message many times, through his saints and prophets, and yet war after war has shown that people would rather hold onto their hate. Today you are on the brink of another war. One worse than any mankind has ever known. Yet do you call your neighbor and apologize for your actions to him? Do you make amends to those you have hurt for your past deeds? If you can honestly say that you owe no man an apology or have no need to admit your guilt to anyone, then you are free to call yourself a seeker of peace. You walk with God in love.

Everything is always both. Positive/negative. Love/hate. Peace/war. Joy/sadness. Look for the good in what happened when the sniper made his unwise choices. It is there. Look for it and pray for the soul of the man who was so wounded inside, that he could only feel better by killing others.

Blessings to all of you,
The Angels

HEAVEN & BEYOND: Conversation with Souls in Transition, is the book the angels alluded to in the above writing.

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