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Dream Interpretation - Snow

Good Morning!

I was wondering about something. I know I have been in constant communication with my angels. More so lately, than ever before.  I hope you can help. I have been dreaming about snow for the last week. Every single night I am either walking on fresh snow or see it all around me. I am not cold at all but I am in awe at the intensity of the brightness of it. Since I live in sunny southern California - it is surprising to see snow EVERYWHERE! Yet, it is not a place I am familiar with. I am alone yet do not "feel" alone or lonely. I am very comfortable in this snowy wonderland. Any insight?

Thank you for any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Our Response:
Dear Lisa,
As will all, dreams, there is symbolism in the meaning of it. Snow is a symbol and whatever that symbol is for you, is what the dream is about. The symbol would be different for someone who lives in Southern California, for instance, than it would be for someone living in Northern Canada. Also that the dream is repetitious shows that it is a very important message!

As always, call on your angels to help you interpret your dream. Think about something that troubled you (or made you cold?) just before the dreams began. Any form of “cold”, I am told by my friend Judythe the dream analyzer, has to do with the shutting down of emotions. Pick it up from there with your angels.

Blessings, Barbara & Trudy

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