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The Visitation

Dear Barbara,

My name is Pamela. I just bought the book "Heaven and Beyond" by you and your sister Trudy. I read some of it last night and the stories in there made me cry. It is truly a lovely and wonderful book. I lost my boyfriend last year in a tragic motorcycle accident and I lost my Aunt and Father 7 months ago to cancer. I miss my boyfriend and Father so much that I can't put it into word's. After my boyfriend died he would communicate to me through signs and my son who at that time was 2 yrs. old. You wouldn't believe what signs I got! Anyway, I tried the method of communicating described in the book.

I am not a skeptic, but I am unsure if it worked or not. I said a prayer before I communicated as instructed, then I asked for Justin (my boyfriend who died last year) to come to me. As I breathed deeply and relaxed I felt quite tingly a little bit and warm. Throughout the time I was trying to communicate I felt a sense of pressure on the top of my head, as if my head was heavy or someone was pressing on it. Is that normal when communicating or did I do something wrong....like trying too hard? I asked only a few question's and wrote what I "felt" was coming from him. After I thanked him for coming (just in case he was there and I didn't know it) I opened my eyes and had this strong sense of feeling that he left rather quickly. Before I thanked him for coming I asked if he would visit me in a dream when I went to sleep last night, but he didn't. Does that mean he wasn't there at all? Thank you for reading this and for any help/tips or advice you may be able to give.

God Bless you,

Our Response:
Dear Pam,

You had what is called a “visitation.” When you have a visitation you just know it. There is a sense of truth to it that you wouldn't have in a "dream" for instance. In your case, you asked for your boyfriend to come to you and then you had certain physical sensations that made it clear he was there. It was only afterward that you began to doubt it. Then your human brain engaged, and you began to edit your experience. Just don't go there. What happened was real and loving and important.

The fact that he didn't come when you asked for proof is actually part of the proof. You could see/feel the difference from when he was there. The absence of his energy which was just as real as when you felt his presence. That he didn't come in your dream was interesting. Why not write him and ask if he was there -- or not?

The angels are right, dear lady. Trust.

Blessings to you
():-)  Barbara and Trudy

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