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Perhaps it is time for you to pray more and worry less."

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A woman named Jen wrote that Angelspeaking for her was very, very frustrating and even though she had been Angelspeaking for 8 years, she still didnít think the angels were doing anything. Here is Barbaraís reply.

Dear Jen,
I have found that the real secret to the Four Fundamentals is my attitude when I Ask, Believe, Let It Happen and say Thank You. If I EXPECT the angels to hop-to-it the minute I ask, it seems like my angels usually have the last word. If my attitude is light and really released, the energy is much more open to receive. Also, the angels often do things totally different than what I expect.

This week I was flying home from my trip to Scotland and I was very tired. An 11-hour flight is hard so I "asked" for an upgrade. Just that..."Dear angels, on my trip home I would really like an upgrade to first class." In my mind, I was thinking about those comfy chairs, the special meal, and the feeling of luxury I would enjoy on the plane. I even asked some of my friends in Scotland to "Pray for Upgrades!"

We had a two day stop in London to do some sightseeing before the long trip home. Because of delays, we didn't get to our hotel until about 11:00 pm. We must have looked pretty bad, because the check in guy was very nice to us. He said he was putting us in another room, but the cost would be the same. Imagine our surprise when he ushered us into the most magnificent room I have ever seen. You won't believe it, but it was the Presidential Suite!!!!!! I got my upgrade to first class, alright. Just not on the airplane.

Was I upset? No. Did I gripe? No. Did I think the angels had failed me? No. I laughed at their joke and the reminder that I got exactly what I asked for. Now I have another "angel story" to share with everyone, and a great memory of an unbelievable stay in London.

The angels work. I just don't always understand how.
Barbara ():-)

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